Patient as Customer

The VisayasMed Mantra

Our patients are the most important people in the hospital - they are the purpose of our work
Customers are the patients for whom our expertise are intended - they do us a favor when we serve them
Patients can exist without us: we cannot without them
Doctors are our healthcare partners who share with us the privilege and the rare opportunity of caring for our patients
Our job is to manage this rare opportunity and this noble privilege delightfully for our patients and meaningfully for us

Patient Right and Responsibility


  1. Right to Appropriate Medical Care an Humane Treatment
  2. Right to Informed Consent
  3. Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
  4. Right to Information
  5. Right to Choose Health Care Provider and Facility
  6. Right to Self – Determination
  7. Right to Religious Belief
  8. Right to Medical Records
  9. Right to Leave
  10. Right to Refuse Participation in Medical Research
  11. Right to Correspondence and to Receive Visitors
  12. Right to Express Grievances
  13. Right to be Informed of His Right and Obligations as a Patient


  1. Know Right
  2. Provide Accurate and Complete Information
  3. Report Unexpected Health Changes
  4. Understand Purpose of Cost and Treatment
  5. Accept Consequences of Own Informed Consent
  6. Settle Financial Obligations
  7. Relation to Others
  8. Exhaust Grievance Mechanism

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