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A Distinction of Values



Let me start by saying that I am greatly honored by this privilege of being able to relay my message, to Batch 2022, this year’s new group of Specialist doctors , is one special moment that I am proud to say is the miracle of this pandemic. We sometimes admit we have taken it for granted because now we know that something is lost when we honor this ceremony for this set of Doctors who are leaving our Institution.


Something may have been lost in the corridors of our training institution, Yet this moment, as we now gather together to celebrate we do often ponder how important their contribution to VMH is.  thus we provide a  lasting gesture to recognize all our graduates and their loved ones who have labored to realize this momentous occasion.

And so, even as I am honored to talk about our graduates, as new Specialists, we must struggle with these essential questions at the start:  What measure of an attribute can provide these physicians the dignity that empowers them, and ameliorate the lives of others? What kind of attributes and values can you, Batch 2022, offer our Filipino patients? 

Answering these questions takes a bit of thinking, the first step is an inclination to acknowledge that our medical profession grants us to profess remarkable heroism in times of need, some of our values have been lost even during the pandemic but we never lost track of our true calling of empathy and compassion. 

With God’s grace,  thankfully, I know that you can see through these values and dilemmas because I know you are critical thinkers. And consequently what you’re wondering is how you can follow through to these principles. Applying it in ways in your future direction will make an impact on you and your loved ones. And, perhaps most importantly, how you reconcile them in your life, which you also want to be enjoyable as it is meaningful. 

Today, I want to contribute to your thinking by suggesting that to be effective in your profession, you need to strive hard not just to be good doctors, but to be more than doctors. Even though medical education will be a part of your identity, I do not think it should necessarily define you. I hope you remember that in the near future, there are far more letters in your name than the MD that you can now add to it. A meaningful journey waits for you after this graduation and I thank you, for what you have done for the institution, the OCME Program, and your junior residents. Godspeed to this travel. After all, you have achieved your milestone which creates more opportunities for service and the lives you still have to touch.

My heartfelt congratulations again to the graduates of Batch 2022.

Dax Ronald Obach Librado, MD, FACP, FPCP


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